Sunday, September 19, 2010

Trailer Modifications

Finally got around to modifying the trailer to fix the tongue weight issues.

The tongue weight was extreme and add to this the fact that the trailer jack was loose and prone to slipping made it just a matter or time before someone lost their foot.

So I jacked the trailer up on both sides in back to get wheels in the air, loosened the u bolts on the axel and moved it forward 14"!! It's still well in back of the keel and should be fine with the boat on it. We'll see soon when I put the boat back on.

In the photo you can see the 0" mark way back. This marker the forward u-bolt which is now at 14" forward. The brake line had enough slack to make the move and I only had to reangle the bracket slightly which was pretty simple.

I also moved the forward winch post aft 2". With the boat all the way forward, the speedo was halfway under the bunk which was not great. Boat seems to want to sit a few inches back anyway.

Lastly, I fixed the trailer jack and moved it in front of the winch post rather than behind.

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