Friday, May 29, 2009

Traveler purchase

I've followed Jonathan's lead and added additional purchase to the traveler. I changed the singles on each side to fiddles, adding two parts per side. So far, the load is lighter in a breeze and is still smooth to adjust, making it easier for the driver to adjust on the fly. It does involve more string though.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I have been out a few times now this sping, made new mistakes every time out and am having a blast learning this new boat. I am having some trouble with the jib furler and wondered what others have done with theirs. In particular, the furling line going aft to the cockpit comes out of the furler at a fairly sharp angle, so at times is quite hard to furl the sail in, particularly with the wind up. I was trying to think of an arrangement to get the line coming out of the furler at the correct angle (ie: going down at an angle towards the keel) then back to the cabin rooftop to go through the fairlead. It only has to come down maybe a foot. Perhaps a block attached by a line to the small bulkhead at the front of the boat will angle this line down. Anyone else with this problem? Any suggestions?

Secondly, when we unfurl, the jib will generally not unfurl all the way. It seems the turnbuckles on the top of the forestay stop the furler from turning easily. The forestay leads into a fairly large turnbuckle at the top, then to the fitting that goes into the mast. It will turn under high pressure, then does not want to turn back as the turnbuckle lays against the mast and is under too much pressure to easily turn. Anyone else address this issue? Maybe I need a new forestay that goes straight to the mast fitting, without the extra turnbuckle at the top?

Thanks for any comments.

Craig Berg