Monday, November 17, 2008


OK, here is my first post on this blog. Let's see how proficient I am at posting this. Doesn't look too hard.

I recently purchased Hull #5 and it was brought back from New York to the Northwest (Alan Barnes actually organized this and helped facilitate my purchase - thanks Alan) where I think it will be more appreciated. The boat was hardly used and I am happy to say it is in great shape. I need to update a few things that have worn out more through age than use. I'll have questions on that in a future post.

For now my question regards the boat's rating. I will be sailing mainly Kootenay Lake and Okanagan Lake in BC. I understand that PHRF BC mainly deals with ratings in this area of BC, but PHRF NW handles the rest of BC and the balance of the Northwest. Which PHRF do others use and why? Other than a small $9 difference in cost, should I register with one rather than the other? Will staying with one or the other preclude me from participating in specific regatta's?

Hull 5