Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I gave the following answer to the new owner of 2214 about how to tune the rocket rig, and I thought I might as well post it here so everyone can enjoy. Understand, that what follows is what I have found for my Rocket, and the numbers maybe different for yours.

It is fairly straight forward to rigging the boat, but getting the boat up to speed takes some finesse. I would recommend acquainting yourself with some literature out there on carbon masts, if you haven't already. Getting the mast into column using the cap shrouds is probably the first thing. Do this on a windless day! I keep the D2 shrouds loose until you have enough turns on the mast screw to induce about 4 inches of pre-bend. Put a few more cranks on the screw until the lowers are still loose and there is enough turns on the mast screw to give the D2 about 10 on the loos gauge (22 on the Caps). Once you start cranking the screw, when you get to 24 on the caps, the D2 should be about 14, and the lowers about 5-7. Recheck that the mast is in column (measure from the top of the main halyard to the same point at the deck - port and starboard). I hope that helps.