Thursday, February 19, 2009


My Assos fom Doyle are the 110 and 70. Because of the amount of light air we get in midsummer I am toying with adding a Code Zero to the inventory, which will fly in 35 to 58 apparant. Because of the shorter foot of the Code it would require adding a set of tweakers. I am looking at options for that with Harken's technical department and it will be ineresting to see what they come back with.

I was just wondering if anyone else is using a Code Zero with the boat and what their experience has been, or what the group thinks of the idea?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rocket on the launch pad

As some of you may know, we keep out Rocket on a modified HydroHoist in a slip. This allows us to "dry sail" the boat while keeping it in the water and avoid using any bottom paint. It is tied to the hoist with four dock lines. It turns some heads as the deck is some 8' above the dock!

In the two years we have been using this hoist, the boat has survived sustained winds of 60 mph and recent storm burst of 70 mph with no problems whatsoever. Every time a bad forecast is issued, the marina manager gets real sweaty and I cross fingers, knock on wood, throw salt over my shoulder, and say my prayers, but so far so good.

The floats can be stood on for any bottom maintenance, and it is quickly lowered with the turn of two valves. The hoist offers a great way to "dry sail" the boat.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jim Lanter has asked me about my traveler arrangement.

The photo to the right shows the line and block arrangement under the deck. The line goes out of the block at the top, and across the deck and pod to the other side (see below). This allows me to travel-up in light air (from the leeward side) and gives me the mechanical advantage in heavier air.

lifting point photos

Fred Chasey with hull #14 has asked me about the lift system that I use to lift my Rocket. The following photos show the method of my madness. The left photo shows the lifting points at the top of the keel (orange) and hull (yellow) straps.

This photo shows the stabilizing blue line P & S to the jib cams.

This photo shows the 1/2" 316 ss bolt with 3/16 SS plates on both sides of the keel trunk as the lifting point. The plates were epoxied to the trunk and butt up against the UHMW top of the trunk.