Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Rig Tune

So I decided to go back to Alan's advise to make sure I can get the main board flat, especially down low at max tension. The way our rig was tuned still had shit tons of shape in the main at 10 screws on the jack and it was already maxed on. The tensions were like so.

Headstay 20
D1 21
D2 25
D3 14

The problem here seems to be that the D2's were too constricted and not enough bend into top of rig. I decided to start loosening D2s and D3s to try and get the main to flatten considerably while doing a dock tune.

In the end I ended up taking 8 turns off the D2!! and 5 off the D3.

This pushed my MAX to 11 turns on the screw rather than 10, however, it actually reduced the tension on the D1,D2,D3 yet increased my headstay tension which is awesome. It also flattens the sail board flat down low and nicely flat up high. I won't be able to tell until we actually go sailing in a breeze, but I'm optimistic. If need be. we can moderate the settings easily. The D3 might need a few more turns depending on how that works out, especially at the moderate breeze settings.

Here are my numbers at the moment in detail.

I think it also points out that the numbers themselves do not tell the whole story. The tune that I had and this tune are very very different, yet I probably could get to the same numbers as before by just going to 12 turns.

11 turns MAX

11 turns
28 headstay (MAX)
D3 7
D2 21
D1 22

10 turns
24 headstay
D3 6
D2 20
D1 22

9 turns
23 headstay
D3 0 - just loose
D2 17
D1 22

7 turns
20 headstay
D3 0
D2 8
D1 20

6 turns
17 headstay
D3 0
D2 6
D1 18

5 turns
D3 0
D2 0
D1 16

I can't wait to try this setup out. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

You can also see our new #1 reef in the photo. We have a reefing hook that drops on a line through the aft middle hole at mast base and goes down to a block and tackle. On outboard end, there is a floating block and a jammer mid boom. Pretty simple system.

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