Thursday, September 23, 2010

Getting Dialed

Finally had a chance to test out the new rig tune on our wed night race. It's a success!

Night and day difference by being able to properly flatten the main, especially down low in a breeze. This was with a very light-weight crew.

Now we have a main that is responding to all the controls as it should, traveller, sheet, cunningham, vang both upwind and down. The upwind is balanced and getting effective helm. Downwind is better too with ability to adjust twist properly with vang. This is what I wanted it to feel like. Zero helm zen thing, letting the boat take the waves and move the helm itself with no corrections.

When we started the upwind leg I was sheeting in too hard with traveller too far down I think and we were not pointing or driving properly. Eased a small bit of sheet to induce some twist and pulled traveller up and the boat just responded very well now that the main is flat. I could put top to sleep in the big gusts or sheet in slightly and drive with it properly twisted. So driving with the bottom or all of the main but not luffing.

It is like only 3" of main sheet difference. With the old tune, we definitely did not have that setup at all. The old setup was like a bucket and wouldn't depower.

Even control on the start line is better. Using the vang when we need to make big moves in the breeze, also flattening the boat before the turn.

We did a slight recut on the leech of the main a few weeks ago. We moved the clew in 2.5 in so we could get more outhaul and took MAX 6" out of very broad mid section. 2" off #2 batten. This is to take the edge off around here and push the main slightly higher wind range. Added #1 reef. Thing is, with the old tune, it made no difference. It wasn't till this week that we could properly sail it.

We did try the #1 reef last week in 20-25 and it's really a nice option into the mid 20's and up. Was fast downwind too since it let the asym pull. Did not seem underpowered. We pretty much have to have this as we definitely will have races in low 30's at least. #1 reef setup was a lot flatter than full main even with old rig tune. I'm hoping we take the full main up to 25 in gusts and go with #1 reef if we are higher than that or are not racing and want to chill the boat out.

Lots to learn. Having fun though.

Hey, does anyone read this blog or am I talking to myself?

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Anonymous said...

No you are not talking to yourself! Well at least I look to see if anything is going on with the blog.

I will be launching #3 in about 3 weeks, after new spreaders and stuff. I am sure I will need help then.